Be still
open up


notice this is it

consciousness everywhere

empty form


reverberating through life

orchestras of soul

creations myths

kokopelli’s new dance


crying for the Mother Earth







lest we

evolve beyond

agitation and competition


pray for grace



quadrille #48 for De at dVerse

The One With All The Words which since #45 are Rock, Leap, Crunch and Bounce.

10 thoughts on “Grace

  1. blak asper says:

    I love the way you smushed the first two lines together, though all the rest are spaced out.

    “kokopelli’s new dance” … I don’t know what this means, but I’m about to find out.

    From that line down, I was deeply affected by your message. Such a wise man.

  2. blak asper says:

    I really love what this says to me:


    Girl, ultimately you’re nothing. But that’s not a bad thing. And if you “re-member” (as in, go back to church, don’t be afraid to be part of something), you may disappear into the crowd, but then at least you’re part of something.

    You know, there are so many reasons I cannot stand church. But the way people rally when someone’s sick or hurting or lost — when the church body is functioning at its best, anyway — is really something to say “wow” to. I’ve never seen anything like it — the beauty of organized religion, holding/carrying people when they’re at their lowest. I do miss being part of something like that. Also the play dates. For my kids, but also for me. 🙂

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