incy wincy writer

‘It looks like a spider crawled through ink and then onto your page, Paul.’ I do believe this was not offered as a positive critique of my already burgeoning artistic temperament and technique by my class teacher Mrs Kendrick, but is it how I received it. I thought this was so Cool. My words look like spider footprints!

From that day forward writing became a magical thing. It could transform the page and my mind all in one go. Scribbling became synonymous with freedom. So i scribbled. Poems and thoughts and journaling my way through life. Of course I read other scribbles too but theirs were always printed. Not the same.

pencil to paper

i honour the tree spirit

spring circles winter



Kim asks us to write a Handwriting Haibun for the dVerse prompt. This is my submission. Why not pop by and check out the wonderful group of poets and perhaps pen a poem of your own.


18 thoughts on “incy wincy writer

  1. kim881 says:

    I love spider writing, Paul, and your title! I’m glad you took the comment as a positive one and let it take you to magical things like writing poems. That’s a great haiku, too.

  2. hypercryptical says:

    I love all of this Paul, love how your spider scribbles ignited your love of writing. Words are the most wonderful things.
    Anna :o]

  3. Beverly Crawford says:

    Aren’t we all lucky our writing experiences somehow led us to the fascination of putting words on paper. Some of us are even “alchemists of words!”

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