‘No sweat.’

It’s what the street-wise Zen master might say.

All is unfolding as it should.

The road ahead is what it is.

I witness myself finding no solace in that.


Submission for Angie’s prompt over at Toads.

Mudslide, landslide, red velvet, carrot…. there are so many ways to mix goodness into your poem. Choose all four words from ONE of these word lists to build your new poem:

 solace                         trace                              pause                              over

 inwardness                sweat                             reflect                             beginning

 need                          forgiveness                    unfolding                        back

 thanks                       weight                            years                               ahead

25 thoughts on “diagonals

  1. angie reinspired says:

    I see you like to make your own rules. 😀 A crossword of sorts you made of the word lists. That works. I like pragmatic. And you dissing the Zen master….well, I like that too! We all must walk our own road. Thanks for walking alongside, zig-zagging with us in the Garden today Paul.

    • paul scribbles says:

      Maybe. I just saw the diagonal first and I’m a blink thinker so I ran with it. What’s the worst thst can happen? I get deleted.

      The ending is a Zen diss so maybe not as enjoyable after all 😉
      Thanks for the engaging prompt.

  2. Candy says:

    love your ‘street-wise Zen master’ “the straight path does not always take us where we need to go” – how’s that for a Zen-like outlook on your use of the word lists

  3. oldegg says:

    I hadn’t thought of going diagonally through the words! I can imagine that for any task you would regard as a Gordian knot to be sliced through with your sword. In the end of course we poets are just entertainers knowing that applause depends upon on our uniique act.

  4. MNL says:

    I love that you chose the words on a diagonal list. That would never have occurred to me. Yeah, I too tend to worry about the road ahead in case it suddenly ends and drops off into the ocean. You see those in movies. What if this road is that road! dun dun dun.

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