frost roads

thaw came

quietly at first


the day life broke



snow-melt full

bursting banks




spilling wild


into unsuspecting

but welcoming fields


birds sang anyway (louder perhaps!)




or fucking cry


snowdrops peek

then retreat underground


nearby playground

children laughing

slicing the joy wrapped

pain sandwich neatly in t(w)o


binary choice?




13 thoughts on “frost roads

  1. hedgewitch says:

    This has a really interesting(and effective) progression, each image cascading neatly into the next, carrying the reader along, bobbing on top, yet also immersed. I suppose anything whole can become binary when sliced in two, but here the slicing seems to depend on choice, a concept with which I concur. I especially like the birds, and the snowdrops. Thanks for re-examining this as a 55, Paul–it works very well that way, and may you have a kickass weekend.

  2. hypercryptical says:

    I love your words Paul, interpreting (them) as the thaw of our birth and how pain and joy season our life; maybe mark out what we will become and how oblivious to this we might be.
    And the birds sing anyway…and we laugh or cry…
    Anna :o]

  3. Kerry says:

    Wow! I have always loved the English poet’s description of Spring thaw, and this is right up there with the best. I don’t know how you managed to paint so vivid a picture in just 55 words.

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