a saucepan to the face

the poke in the eye

falling off the cliff

all hurt more

than in the cartoons


i try many ways


to knock sense into myself


groundhog day

death by a thousand self-inflicted cuts


this is no cartoon

i cannot tear off this

my skin


and so remain

tattooed senseless

2 thoughts on “acme

  1. hedgewitch says:

    The opening lines set this up perfectly–how the whacky antics of animated, anthropomorphed dogs, cats and wabbits are nothing like real life mayhem, tho they mimic it so viciously–and following it, your phrases each an individual image, isolated, hapless, much like the narrator seems to feel, unable to come to turns with the slaps(tick) of fate. Really a well-turned out and cohesive 55 which it was also a pleasure to read. Thanks for playing Paul, and have the kind of kickass weekend that doesn’t include any pratfalls.

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