Little Manc


Terraced housing and every door open. All the kids are ‘playing out’ until after dark and the calls from all the Mothers ring out down our street. Tea time.* Home we all trot, muddied and bloodied knees and smiles a mile wide. Food’s on the table and after grace we tuck in. Not much conversation round our table. Words are silently spoken with eyes only.

The corner shop has everything Mum needs to feed a young family. One stop and friendly. More time chatting than shopping. I can go in and out of houses as I please. It’s everyone’s street. Neighbours can clip me round the ear as can the local copper. Grey skies and rain predominate the weather, as we imagine scoring a cup final goal with a leather ball.

All year round April

showers make me smile these days

Cut me I bleed Manc**


Submission for dVerse Haibun Monday prompt.

*Tea Time in the North of England was the evening meal.

**Manc is short for Mancunian

19 thoughts on “Little Manc

  1. sarahsouthwest says:

    Oh, dear, Paul. You’re from the wrong side of the Pennines.

    I was a nice middle class girl, in relative suburbia, but we still played out in the street, or gardens, or the waste ground all the time. It was always sunny, then, except when it snowed…

  2. Beverly Crawford says:

    Oh for that time when children were safe to carry their games up and down the street. Seems so long ago. Nice memories!

  3. Mish says:

    It really does take a village…
    Thanks for opening the door to your hometown. I think my childhood was similar as our parents trusted all of the neighbours. Playtime outside….a concept that some can’t even relate to with all their high tech gadgets these days.

  4. memadtwo says:

    It seems we all knew those childhoods, who grew up in the middle of the last century, always out and about, all the children of the neighborhood welcome everywhere. How did we get from there to here? (K)

  5. Misky says:

    Loved this. Those corner shops don’t exist anymore. It’s all “express” this or “mini” that. I can’t say that I know the name of a single person in our local Co-op. More the pity.

  6. MNL says:

    love the “everyone’s street”, it pulls together the cornerstore gatherings, the safe freedom of the kids visiting each other’s homes, playing in the streets. nostalgia. i remember those days when we could play in the streets — I don’t see many kids playing these days — kinda sad.

  7. MarinaSofia says:

    Yes, we would play until after dark and then hear the calls of ‘dinnertime!’ And that was amidst blocks of flats – so perhaps it’s a certain neighbourhood, city or class that has these memories.

  8. Singledust says:

    i like how the families on your street looked out for each other and the kids had a welcome in every home, a time so treasured for the fun and meals together. funny how those simple meal times stay strong in our hearts and minds.

  9. jazzytower says:

    Ah, the good old days when door were left open. I remember those last calls to come inside. Different times. I really liked this. It took me back. Love that photo too..

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