re vision

do i change my mind

or does it change me?

i write in the moment

which exists no more

i do not look back

nor regret anything

all poems stand as made

formed in that time which

is not this time

change is time itself

the river of life

the view from down

the road

and if now different

then a new

poem may be born

to stand alongside

the first thought scribed

to show growth

or not


Tuesday Poetics is hosted for dVerse  by Amaya who asks us to consider the concept of Pentimento

11 thoughts on “re vision

  1. Gospel Isosceles says:

    So Zen, to be completely unattached to whatever ideas come through you, just releasing them all to go drifting down the river of life. I hope I can get to that, what is it, mental state? It just blows my mind that some don’t look back. What freedom!

  2. lillian says:

    I agree! The statement
    “i do not look back
    nor regret anything”
    has long been my philosophy. To me, regretting something means wanting to change something in the past…and if one did that, the ripple effect would mean I would not be where I am today, this moment, in this room, with the spouse I chose, etc. I think we can be sorry for an action that hurt someone; be sorry that something negative happened and move on from there…but regret? No. For every movement/moment that others would not consider perfect, or that I might not consider perfect,….it led to another and another and here I am. And yes, growth comes from that movement.

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