the pukh pukh pukh

song of the stove-top

espresso maker


signals to my foggy brain

it’s almost opening time

for the eyes


behind those lids

last night’s whisky

snores and rolls over


the Caffeine beans

have other ideas

marching brain-ward


adenosine disguise

receptors targeted

whisky kicked out of bed


beans are on and up

with the day

whisky just moans


and slides from the brain

to the gut

where it stirs

a deep hunger


It’s my turn to host Poetics over at The dVerse Poets Pub tonight with a Drinking Prompt. Why not pop along and write a poem of your own?




30 thoughts on “morning!

  1. kim881 says:

    Oh, so well done, Paul. I love the ‘pukh pukh pukh / song of the stove-top /
    espresso maker’ – I can almost smell the coffee brewing! And I like the cheeky play on words in ‘it’s almost opening time / for the eyes’ and ‘whisky kicked out of bed’.

  2. Beverly Crawford says:

    The “morning after” never quite made the “night before” worth while to me somehow. I seemed always to be the designated driver.

  3. Voyages Vistas Vino says:

    Two of my favorite topics to write on — coffee and whisky! In all honesty, I think that I’ve written more about coffee and the morning than whisky in the evening…but you, you combined them both and made me thirsty for more poetry!


    Mark Butkus

  4. Brendan says:

    I used to nail that morning coffee like a spade digging me out of the hole whiskey buried me in the night before. Always left me level the daily sisyphean. Now a pot of expresso chugs me up from the dream. Same day, different shit.

  5. Janice says:

    I like the images of what’s going on in your body such as the whisky rolling over and snoring and then in the end sliding down to your gut ‘stirring a great hunger’. Coffee and whisky are two beverages that do conduct the show in there.

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