no one here

here at the end of my pen

is a point

but can I say the same

of these words

or can you

my dear

invisible reader

my own poetic

broken spectre

seen only by me

the blank space into which

i pour words

is your consciousness

and you


do not respond


you are

that echo

in my mind

22 thoughts on “no one here

  1. Kerry O'Connor says:

    It is quite a remarkable thing that I can read your words off the screen, and respond, from the southern hemisphere, sight unseen.

  2. willow88switches says:

    sometimes the “beauty” of the silence is in the not knowing – for we can never be certain if, on any given day, someone will happen across words, and be affected – stirred, moved, rising up from the dark, inspired …. even if the can’t/don’t respond – and so it is, this lonely business of pen to page ….

    but I’m glad you do it …. have a great weekend

  3. Victoria C. Slotto says:

    Wonderful expression of the relationship between reader/writer. I like it when I’ve written something that someone reads an interpretation that differs from mine but is oh-so-valid, or where they have discovered something I wrote like internal rhyme of which I was totally unaware. (Horrible syntax in this comment!)

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