invisible sun

you bring warmth to me, and so fulfill your role, like some invisible Sun
light falling on me, in this darkness of soul, like some invisible Sun

instinctively I look upwards to find you, but it is impossible
this temporal veil seems real, i am not whole, like some invisible Sun

weeds grow from the deep to suffocate my heart, wretched strands of pure doubting
your presence provides comfort, hope to cajole, like some invisible Sun

grieving of life without you, i am lost inside your love my beloved
i fall endlessly, spinning into this hole, like some invisible Sun

This scribbler knows that all of space and time cannot contain your beauty
nor that song which resides deep in my heart and ripples outward for ever

17 thoughts on “invisible sun

  1. Brendan says:

    Beauty is ever bittersweet, and the ache here shines with an invisible sun. The song of Philomena — the ravaged woman become nightingale — pours forth when a dark beak pierces the heart. Nicely done.

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