fire in the egg                 you never know

soul’s crucible                it may bubble-up

melting my hard           shell-like being

rock-like heart               jump-started blood

crunching as it             soul twists toward those

leaps into new              territories of openness

vulnerabilities              emptiness

bouncing fear               wildly dancing

into oblivion                 coming home


This is my submission for  ‘the one with all the words’ for dVerse Quadrille night

I began the series again after Quadrille #44 so I now have leap,melt,rock, crunch, bounce, hard, fire and egg to include in my Quadrille. This is 3 poems in one.







14 thoughts on “triplicities

  1. kim881 says:

    A brilliant combination, Paul, with the original and unusual contrast of ‘shell-like being’ and ‘rock-like heart’. I also love
    ‘crunching as it soul twists…’
    ‘… wildly dancing
    into oblivion coming home’.

  2. Charley says:

    melting my hard shell-like being

    rock-like heart jump-started blood

    Either way you read it — and it impels you to read it both ways — it’s shines. Yet again, Paul. Yet again….

  3. lillian says:

    I like reading “wildly dancing into oblivion, coming home.” 🙂
    Well…..somehow I must be too relaxed in Bermuda as I didn’t have the same words for “all the words” that you did. Guess these blues in the waters outside my window are too seductive and taken away my senses! So mine is way off in terms of using all the words. I claim Bermudaful scenery as my excuse! 🙂

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