sacred is

the place where i tread my path

knowing not where i go


the rhythm in my hands

and my heart

pulling music from the void


and then there was sound


the vision of you in myriad forms

human and not human

a voice in all things


the darkness where i find

a deeper you

a deeper me


the water

still and falling

ocean and pond

drip and drop

birthing us and holding us


your breath

whispering poems to my soul



life giver


wise soul



that death which taps on my shoulder

reminding me i am nothing

was never really here

but was



My submission for Amaya’s Holy Places prompt at dVerse.

Of course it is also NaPoWriMo and this counts for that too 😉



17 thoughts on “sacred is

    • paul scribbles says:

      Thank You. I genuinely struggle to fully receive compliments like this. My inner critic is already questioning how many love poems you have actually read but I have instructed him to go sit at the back of the auditorium and be quiet. So Thank You whole-heartedly. You made my day ( and ruined his)

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