how to make a poem


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find somewhere to lie down

close your eyes not so tight

relax… listen… breathe…

everything you need is in this moment

but you must be the one to decide what

not to write or think even

and so allow the magic

of the morning dew

to form words of it’s own

let the wind decide where it touches you

let the leaves fall where they will

if it rains

rejoice in each drop

for you are not

and never will be

the poet.


Over in the garden Margaret offers us a slice of Costa Rica via a series of photos, as a jumping off point for today’s poems. I couldn’t link her pictures so have chosen one that is similar to one of the shots she posted. Day 12 of NaPoWriMo and of course there is a nod to Mr Wendell Berry in my work today.

18 thoughts on “how to make a poem

  1. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    You weren’t able to copy and paste the photo? Hmmm … I’m not sure why. Try again later and let me know if it works – I hope I didn’t do anything to make it difficult.

    A poet needs to observe the world around – Morning dew, wind, rain, are all good 🙂

  2. Ron. says:

    ” allow the magic/ of the morning dew/ to form words of it’s own”
    Glorious when it happens. I wish it would happen more often. For me, more and more often as I age, dew’s just dew & I have to make it speak (or at least labor over a torturous translation.

    Enjoyed this very much. Salute!

  3. elleceef says:

    This poem describes such a beautiful moment in time. A quiet moment to let it all seep into the bones and become the must. Lovely,,,

  4. kim881 says:

    I enjoyed the poem on its own but with the image it’s something else, Paul! That’s some very good advice in the opening lines and I love the lines:
    ‘everything you need is in this moment’
    ‘…allow the magic
    of the morning dew
    to form words of it’s own’.

  5. Kerry says:

    Bravo! This is so clever. I admire your fortitude in this crazy month – you are firing on all cylinders, brother.

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