born into that dark night

stitched lips screaming

that great yawped boom

of infinite silence

a sound that crushed you

into infinitesimal smallness


did your legs fail you too

at the crossroads

as traffic hurtled death

only your way

to wake you sweating

and stitch-less yet

screaming silently still

in the wake of it


Flash 55 for Verse Escape. Have a kick ass weekend.


2 thoughts on “night

  1. hedgewitch says:

    There’s an immediate slam to this poem; the images hit hard as a freight train, and the fragility that falls before force which is the physical lot of humankind is made glaringly evident. This feels both like one individual’s experience, and a universal one. Really good word choices and sharp line breaks, Paul–an excellent 55, which I thank you for contributing.

  2. Kerry says:

    Paul, I am always amazed at how you seem to extend 55 words into so solid and meaty a poem. I love the word ‘yawp’ and use it so seldom myself, so it sprang out at me, that and ‘stitch-less’ – that one is so well-placed.

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