img by  https://faycollinsart.co.uk/

this container is filled to overflowing by your love, and so destroyed
this mind is overwhelmed by true high concepts from above, and so destroyed

this heart is burst time and again with your infinite radiance and charm
opening and growing in peace, on wings of a white dove, and so destroyed

these eyes are blinded by the light of your countenance and so, can see now
into the heart, where resides that softening open trove, and so destroyed

this skin is shed completely to expose a raw newness, vulnerable,
exposed and sensitive to the healing touch of your G(love), and so destroyed

this scribbler is no more, washed away in the ocean of your being-ness
this container now destroyed and dissolved, no-one here to ask how or why


An ekphrastic for Sarah at dVerse

17 thoughts on “diss-olve

  1. ash says:

    Oh my, this is gorgeous. Your word-sight is so intuitive … I’ve never noticed the “diss-love” hiding in “dissolve.”
    And G(love) has me floored — that whole stanza, actually.
    Still loving your head, Paul.

  2. sarahsouthwest says:

    I had to read this a couple of times to work out what it made me think. For a start, a ghazal is always impressive, particularly one that feels as natural as this, so let me say that first. This is a spiritual piece for me, but it left the source of that spirituality so open. Paired with the picture, it became a poem about the dissolution of the self in a moment of openness to the natural world, a destruction of barriers.

    Did I mention how much I like it? A lot.

  3. kim881 says:

    This is gorgeous, Paul, and full of blue! I like the repetition of ‘and so destroyed’, to emphasise the with renewal ‘time and again with your infinite radiance and charm
    opening and growing in peace, on wings of a white dove’,
    I agree with Sarah that it is a spiritual piece.

  4. Jo-Anne Teal says:

    Oh, my. The intensity of emotion is such a match for the poetic form you’ve chosen. A poem that is so intensely blue yet without mentioning the colour once. An amazing piece, Paul.

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