7th gr, 13 yrs, Piano

“Do you know the piano’s on my foot?”  I asked my daughter. “Sorry” she said completely unawares of the pun door I had opened for her to step through. At 13 she had lots still to learn. You had to laugh though right? Pushing and pulling a piano from the jeep across the car park and then off road was no fun. OK it wasn’t a grand but then at precisely this moment neither was I. We stumbled and grumbled until she located the spot by a cleft in the hillside. “This will do nicely” she said, viewing the piano from a number of angles.


“Why couldn’t you just visualise this or use Photoshop or something.” I was moaning now. The piano was in place and it was I who was being adjusted. “It’s method drawing and anyway I find visualisation easier with something I have actually seen already” she said. I wasn’t sure if method drawing was a thing but the second point had a kind of validity that my sleep deprived brain could not fight. So I became the mannequin player and froze while she began to sketch as the morning sun rose into a pink sky.

seventh grade project

summer sunrise piano

i don’t even play


Day 27 of NaPoWriMo and Margaret offers us some drawings/paintings from a school exhibition to write about in the Garden, where I have been hanging with the Toads all this month.

17 thoughts on “ha-ha-ha-haibun

  1. elleceef says:

    This is so well done. I can see it all happening, grumbles and all. A perfect haiku sums everything up beautifully. 🙂

  2. sanaarizvi says:

    I absolutely love the direction you took this into, Paul!💕 I shall be back to delight in more readings of this one 😀

  3. Jim says:

    Helping with those school projects can undo you quickly. At the inner end of a fiord we docked in at Norway there was a piano way up on the hill. We went there, no one around, guess it was like the daughter’s here. But when we came back down there was someone playing it. Without an audience.

  4. MrsBednar says:

    Daddy’s little princess 🙂 I love how daughters wrap their father’s around their pinky finger. On a side note, my son busks about NYC and he says a guy with a baby grand on wheels rolls one into Central Park and plays beneath an arched bridge. He draws quite a crowd.

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