Whispers of Walden


warm orange early morning sun wraps itself around one side of the birch trees who bathe blissfully in it’s embrace outside my cabin. Birdsong floats ethereally across the sky and the leaves whisper a soft response. The land is alive and I too. Inner music sings my soul awake and my hearts peels back another layer.

i lift the flute to my lips and nature calls a song from me. here in this moment i am fully present and aware. Ancestors smile upon me and my connection transcends time, reaching back and forward, up and down. The threshold appears in the form of a gate guarded by the tree nation. I take the step that I must take.

the cage of my heart ~

no longer a prison cell

Spring is bursting forth


a haibun for dVerse


7 thoughts on “Whispers of Walden

  1. whippetwisdom says:

    A beautiful haibun Paul, the colours and birdsong at one with your inner song create a very peaceful feeling. Your inner healing travels up the ancestral lines and brings more light back. By freeing yourself you free them too – such bliss. Spring is truly bursting forth – thank you so much for sharing! 💜

  2. Janice says:

    These are beautiful lines! “Inner music sings my soul“ and “nature calls a song from me” are two favourite phrases. Overall I get a feeling of a liberating embrace.

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