I close my eyes to dream a dream

Sister drum tones the way

Birch sisterhood circle

Shimmering iridescent blues

Spiralling into the beyond

Spirit of place that holds my heart

Turtle comes to guide me on my journey

Into fluidity we glide together

Spirits merged

My place of counsel awaits

Sky Lodge beings hold space

Ancestors come into view

Sister Beech stands rooted and strong

I call in the archetypes

Moon steps forward

White Ghost of Barn Owl

Bringing Clear Sight at all times

Especially the dark moments

Deep listening

From the edge of time comes Pluto

She wolf from the shadows

Dark coated and protective

She encircles me

Bright eyes ever watchful

Mother love

Neptune sounds the horn of possibilities

Step forward with no plan

Open up breathe deeply and trust

Creativity is born here and now

A rainbow path appears

Dancing Sidhe brimming with playful energy

No pot here but instead a simple cup fashioned of gold

Drum like in it’s form

Arthurian magic

Galahad the Pure

Holds this Grail

My Grail

Profound knowing falls upon me

The Fisher King

Wounded Healer

Bliss bursting from my heart

Tears of gratitude and joy

I stand on this sacred ground where there is no doubt

I stand on this sacred ground where there is no doubt

I stand on this sacred ground where there is no doubt

Here at the top of the mountain I see

Eyes of Eagle

Piercing the veil

My path is clear

Deep gratitude is offered to all

Seen and unseen

Turtle calls me home

Twisting through the ether

We burst into the axis mundi

Sisterhood rejoices

I am home

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