Come on down!

cosmic joke

When God’s acid wears off, the comedown is horrendous. Where once there was a heart opened fully by bliss and divine connection, there is now a void. A place where you don’t want to be…not after the love-bubble you were in. Here you are aware only of your own gaping and vast aloneness.

Of the complete and utter lack of ‘other’

Thrown from the high cliffs of pure love, into a wasteland that eats away at your own sense of self you feel a deepening pain that is inked by repeated knife cuts upon your very soul. Feeling yourself bedraggled and torn you cuddle yourself fetal.

There are no answers to the questions you ponder. Nothing but a circle of pain. No amount of wailing brings relief.




You Re-member.


It’s all a game. A toss of a coin. This side or that. The twin faces of the joker of duality. Me and her. Us and Them. Yin and Yang. High and Low.

The intensity of the acid high is mirrored by low of the fall. They are partners in a cosmic dance. The rollercoaster is not for everyone but if you buy the ticket then you must be prepared for the ride.

And afterwards…that sense of wow……I wanna do it all over again. Why? Because it is life itself. Experience. Embodiment. Joy and sorrow. Love and loss.

Nobody gets hurt. I didn’t do it to you. You didn’t do it to me.


Life unfolds in its own fullness and mystery and we get to be fully ourselves in the story.

Each unique singular cell of soul unfolding as part of the wave of unity heading wherever it may.

We are all in this together.

Our choice?

Enjoy the ride and celebrate each other and our unique ways…..

Or not.

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