No words

How to pen a poem

to a woman who prefers actions to words?

She would rather

I made the bed

or cleaned the toilet

Washed the dishes

or did the ironing

made the morning coffee

or pushed her grandchildren to the park whilst she walk alongside chatting to them

Allowed her head to rest on my chest

as she struggled to keep her eyes open at night

hold a space for her exhaustion

But the pandemic miles say no

Her there

Me here

No action can be done

So how? How to make the words do rather than just be?

By holding up a mirror to her soul

one that has acted compassionately upon mine

with words, ironically

Ordinary words in an extraordinary time

Grabbed moments on the phone

while she did the ironing

pushed the kids to the park

cooked the family lunch

struggled with eyelids closing in her own bed after another body breaking day

all this to reach out to me

alone and isolated

in the most challenging period of my life

her words my lifeline

her chat my bridge to hope

her voice a light in my darkness

regular as clockwork

all winter long

spring came and she was done

just nothing left to give

I could phone 3 times a day

to return the favour

But words are not for her

at least not those kind

so i hope that these ones

woven in the depths of my grateful heart

will act as a blanket of love

to wrap around herself

when it all gets too much

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