Wiston Lodge Reflections- Drum Circles in a Sacred Place

A wonderful piece of heartfelt writing from the most courageous young person.

Moments in Mania

Wiston Lodge renewed my confidence in my ability to feel love.

Since being drugged in February 2021 and suffering persistent effects from this, I’ve struggled with feelings of bitterness, spite, envy, and emptiness. I’ve felt alienated from other people and horrified by the blunting of my previously strong empathy. I can definitely still cry, but weeping comes less easily than it did, as do smiling and laughing. “You never smile anymore!” my dad chided me recently.

I was smiling and laughing at Wiston.

The drum circle facilitation training offered at Wiston Lodge, near Biggar, was invented and pioneered by an eccentric American percussionist named Arthur Hull, who has been deemed important enough to have his own Wikipedia page. He only makes an appearance at Wiston every other year, however. With or without Arthur, the Lodge has the uncanny ability to attract people who are not only eclectically and profoundly talented…

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