sapphire so good

submission for Poetics at dVerse. We are given a Birthstone to write into our poem by Lil. september's arrival pluto's parabloa   heightens intuition regarding evolution   So my poem is of course an Acrostic of¬†(Sapphire)¬†and this poem is based on a quick search for the Astrology of my Birth date 19/09/1963. I found something … Continue reading sapphire so good

Bee-yond the Beeline Walk

The Beeline was a sponsored walk for Tinto Music and Arts and a seperate blog was written to cover the journey....So‚Ķthe walk has happened‚Ķwe raised a pile of cash ( currently at ¬£2300 and rising‚Ķ)‚Ķso what now? We intend to keep blogging about the Bee in all it‚Äôs wonder. We have i‚Ķ Source: Bee-yond the … Continue reading Bee-yond the Beeline Walk

Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer: The Spirit of Mother Christmas

Wonderful blog…for Dear Deers everywhere xxx

Gather Victoria


In the ancient nature religions (in which the divine was often perceived as feminine) it was the female horned reindeer who reigned as the great goddess of the north and she was much associated with winter solstice. It was when we ‚ÄúChristianized‚ÄĚ the pagan traditions of winter, that the white bearded man i.e. ‚ÄúFather Christmas‚ÄĚ was born.

Today he chariots Rudolph and his steed of flying reindeer across our mythical skies and we have forgotten the power of the Deer Mother, the female horned Reindeer. Stronger and larger than the buck, it is she who leads the herds.

And it is her beloved image that adorns the Christmas cards and Yule decorations we are so familiar with today. Because, unlike the male who sheds his antlers in winter, it is the Deer Mother, who flies through winter’s longest darkest night with life-giving light of the sun in her horns.

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