Bee-yond the Beeline Walk

The Beeline was a sponsored walk for Tinto Music and Arts and a seperate blog was written to cover the journey....So…the walk has happened…we raised a pile of cash ( currently at £2300 and rising…)…so what now? We intend to keep blogging about the Bee in all it’s wonder. We have i… Source: Bee-yond the … Continue reading Bee-yond the Beeline Walk


My walk to town, past things i see, to favourite places and the odd glance in shop window. All shot and blogged from my Galaxy S2 **************************************************************************************************************************************************** Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | A Hedonistic Wander Weekly Photo Challenge: Neighborhood | Ruth E Hendricks Photography Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood | Fred Rife Photography Phoneography Challenge: My … Continue reading Phone-ography