Weekly Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space
by Erica on April 8, 2013

For this week’s challenge, write us a poem. The poem can be about anything you choose, and in any style you choose. The catch: play around with the formatting in your verse by following the tips we’ve shared in this post, or taking a look at our Writing and Formatting Poetry guide for more in-depth instructions.

I have not written any poetry since I was much younger so I have had a wee trawl through some old journals and I came up with this, written in 1984 when I would have been 20. I remember sitting in heavy rain watching an ants nest get pretty much washed away and the subsequent activity that followed. This, I am thinking now, was kind of inspired by that incident.
The wind howls across the open moor
                      grass cowering at its command

         the towering clouds loom silently above



                      bursting with untold energies

all life is silent


and then

        the rain comes

             a sodden blanket strewn from the heavens
        splashing upon the earth
             destroying and yet creating

rivulets form
spreading outward from the disfigured raindrop

homes are destroyed and life is taken and given back

         the water seeps away and the air is fresh

                         the once monstrous clouds
                               now unladen
                         hang penitently in the sky

rebuilding begins and the 
             surface is a hive of activity

material is collected and plans reassessed
                   next time we shall be more prepared


             for now

                          the storm has passed

April is NaPoWriMo

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Paul's Rhythm Journey, Scribbles

Sing Your Heart Out

Daily Prompt: Alma Mater
by michelle w. on April 7, 2013

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

For the first time since I joined WordPress I must admit to feeling a little bit left out this fine sunny Sunday afternoon. We don’t do High School here in the UK and I am going to have to look up Alma mater because we sure as hell don’t do them either.

( Pause for a moment Dear Reader, whilst I Google the phrase Alma Mater)

OK, according to those very clever folks at Merriam Webster this is the answer:

1: a school, college, or university which one has attended or from which one has graduated

2: the song or hymn of a school, college, or university

Here in the UK we would call this a Secondary School and refer to it as ‘the one I used to go to’, just so as you know 😉 and the song…well I don’t know a Secondary School with it’s own song so I have no idea there. I am sure some of the ‘better orf’ (Imagine the Queen saying it!) schools like Eton have songs but as I am from Irish working class roots I would not be able to comment there.

Now that I am up to speed my only choice is this. Do I write a speech about the Path of Life or get really creative and head of to a Secondary School with a Song about the Path of life, killing two birds with one stone.?

As I write, and this is my style it seems thus far, the ‘make shit up as you go without really thinking it through style’, I am inclined to postulate, in a somewhat inspired in the moment kind of way, that my proposal would look something like this.

I turn up to the school two days prior to the event at which the speech is to be given. I work with all of the students who are about to Graduate or move on up to the next opportunity, be it work, education.

I bring my Guitar and some percussion items and I tell them about the Axis of Awesome.
(See Below…the rest of the Blog without the video does not work..YOU MUST WATCH IT)

Then, using their own words, which we would create in a free writing workshop, using Rap, Poetry and written texts, we would create a School Anthem, which  at it’s heart contained lessons for the path of life and because the words would be theirs it would carry more meaning and hope for them as they stepped forward into a future I will never know.

One thing I have learned from raising three children of my own to Adulthood is that young people are Awesome. I would through the workshops aim to help them find their voices both literally and metaphorically. We would have a wonderfully deep and profound two days.

Better than some old fart who has been there (where?) and done that (what?) offering them a bunch of platitudes about …well you know.

So we’d meet up for the Graduation and I would approach the lectern, suitably attired in my best worsted jacket with leather elbow patches, glasses perched on the tip of my nose and a baton in my hand disguised as a prompter.

I would cough twice and tap the lectern, which would be our pre-arranged signal to break into song, accompanied by already strategically positioned musicians.

It would hopefully sound something like this (Not mine unfortunately but what I would hope for)  and they would ‘Sing Their Hearts Out’

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Infinity Loop

Daily Prompt: Third From the Top
by michelle w. on April 6, 2013

Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader.

Scroll down to the third post in the list.

Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

As if by some weird quirk of fate the third Blog in my list was ‘The Daily Prompt’, which then instructed me to go to my Reader and “Take the third sentence in the post and work it into your own”

Click on the link above to see what happened when I did just that.


The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Share the Love
by michelle w. on April 5, 2013

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

I am a new blogger and to be honest there is only one Blog that I can honestly say has been an inspiration to me in the short time I have been here.

Step Forward The Daily Post here at WordPress.WordPress

As a new blogger I am still finding my way around the place and The Daily Post has given me a great platform to do this. It prompts me to write and also allows me instant access to a host of other writers trying the same thing. It is through the DP that I have found followers and have also found bloggers to follow. It is as I said too early for me to ascribe the tag of ‘Inspirational’ to any of those but there are most definitely bogs I like and am finding myself drawn too.

I am all too aware that there is a huge wild and untamed bloggerverse out there for me to yet discover. Writers who need no prompts or choose to work without them. Novelists of every genre. Political commentary. Surrealism. Avant Garde.

You name it, it will be out there.

My general take on things is to go with the flow and so I allow the breeze that blows here in WordPress, to gently nudge me here and there.

As I blog on two fronts, one photographic and one written I will offer up a short list of bloggers I am currently drawn too and suspect I will remain connected to.

In Photography these are my current regular ports of call. Click on the image to visit them.

Up first is Adrian at Cornwall Photography. Often stunning and always evocative images of a part of the world I love dearly.

Here below is the work of Karen McRae. Subtle and imbibed with a strong sense of her connection to nature, her work is very beautiful.

John Pickles lives and works in the English, Lake District. His love of the place is evident in his work and he gets extra bonus points for shooting film 😉

Other Blogs I have been drawn to in my short time here are as follows.

http://vastlycurious.com/  Sometimes your instincts just take you to a place where you feel a connection.

http://myatheistblog.wordpress.com/ Honest, forthright and very funny with it.

http://notsoprompt.wordpress.com/ A fellow Northerner, easy writing style and a variety of subject matter.

http://magpiecinema.wordpress.com/ Independent Cinema’s finest and a real life friend too.

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TV Heaven

Daily Prompt: The Transporter
by michelle w. on April 4, 2013

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

It’s the school holidays. Somehow mum and Dad work the child care shift between them, mum works nights at the hospital, whilst dad is a butcher during the day at the Wall’s factory in Hyde, just outside Manchester. That means after brekky dad’s off to work and mum is off to bed. Time for the TV. Every morning the selection is the same. It’s the holiday schedule and we love it. Short bursts of magic. Gives mam a break and then we will eat lucnh before heading off outside for the rest of the day to catch up with schoolmates and play Football or Cowboys and Indians or Soldiers.

Each of those summer time progammes can be brought to my mind in an instant by the theme tune.

I can still sing them now many moons later or hum the melody where there were no lyrics.

These tunes may have no significance to you whatsoever and I am wondering whether providing clips is worthwhile. Having wondered, I have decided I am going to share them purely because for me this is a selfish trip down memory lane.

The morning would always begin with Robinson Crusoe and this lilting melody.

We would watch enthralled every week as our hero would try to find new ways to adapt to life on a desert island.

Then came the madness that was the Banana Splits.

I am sure at some deeply subliminal level The Banana Splits are responsible for most of my Anarchic behaviour in life. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it.

Next up were the foreign films, which varied depending on the day, if memory serves me right.

White Horses. All I remember is the song and a beautiful young girl. Oh and Horses. White ones. Lots of them.

The Flashing Blade. Lots more horses and Cavalier types charging around and fighting in badly dubbed English. Marvelous.

Belle et Sebastion

So there it is. It is interesting to try and somehow convey this time and I suspect that the use of You Tube in some way takes from the narrative. It may have been more challenging for me to take you back to that time without the aid of the music itself.

This whole experience of revisiting that time has left me feeling wistful and I look upon the young Mr Scribbles in that photo (3rd from the right and seated) and cannot reconnect with that moment at all. I have a memory of then that is more vague than the TV shows I write here about. I remember it being an unusually sunny day and a neighbour wanting to take a photo of our play gang. That’s it. I don’t know who he was and I can only identify some of the people in the photo. Family members.

That young Mr Scribbles was looking forward and here I sit 40 odd years later looking back.

Life huh?


Stoodley Pike

Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic
suggested by Erica on April 1, 2013
Photography by Paul Dear
Photography by Paul Dear
The Stoodley Pike Monument sits atop Stoodley Pike the hill, whose summit rises some 1300 feet
above sea level. According to local historians it was built to commemorate the surrender of Paris to
the Allies in 1815.

According to those of us  ‘in the know’  it was built for something entirely different.

For one it has a spiral staircase inside of 39 steps. That would make any writer stop and think huh?

How significant is that number? I could tell you of course but then I’d have to kill you.

The 39 steps will have to remain a mystery I’m afraid.

Secondly look at it’s shape. Remind you of anything?

Study the measurements of the Pike and you will find that it is built using the principles of Sacred Geometry.

It is essentially designed for flight. Not any old kind of flight though.

This is a time machine.

Poppycock I hear you say.

Think it through.





Remember The Nautilus.

That name was no accident.

At anytime of day or night The Pike can be used for Time Travel if you know how to operate it.

How do I know that?

I just do.

Fiction you cry!!


Let’s put the theory to the test. I traveled into the future last week and saw that this topic would be announced.

I blogged about this very subject.



One Of The Sixty.

Daily Prompt: Prized Possession
by michelle w. on April 2, 2013

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

Those of you who have been keeping track on my blogs may know of my love of the game of football.

The original game that is, played with a round pigs bladder by men in funny long shorts.

The First Wembley Final

As a young boy I loved reading about football. In 1973 I received a book for Christmas from my parents called The Sixty Memorable Matches. It was published by Marshall Cavendish as part of the series of ‘Golden Hands’ books. I was 10 years old.

It had a hardback cover and originally a dust cover over that.

Inside it opened with an introduction which began with the question,

Just how do you define a great football match?

and ended with this short paragraph.

These are sixty cameos of unforgettable, history-making moments in British football. If you were not there- even if you were – then this book is the next best thing to have.

Such promise!

I remember devouring the book instantly. All other gifts forgotten. This became my prized possession. As well as being a hardback ( we didn’t have any hardback books in our house) it was written in a style that conjured up powerful imagery. I learned about many teams and their famous exploits and I saw photos of never to be forgotten goals and incidents. It really was like ‘Being There’. I could hear the roar of the crowd, feel the sense of excitement and sometimes tragedy.

This was my book.

My Precious.

Of course my younger brother who was not really interested in football soon learned that hiding the book would cause me the utmost consternation and eventually lead to him getting thumped, which by the way, and perhaps interestingly to any child psychologists out there, never stopped him doing it again.

The joy of causing me any kind of trauma far outweighed a smack round the chops. He even went as far as to graffiti the book with a statement of false ownership ‘this book belongs to Neil….’and also the dreaded initials M.U.F.C.

I consciously winced as I typed one of those 4 letters just.

It should always read M.C.F.C

It was MINE. This was not to be shared. He got thumped again.

I lived in and out of the stories in this book for years.

Every page was printed on a different colour paper with vivid greens and yellows and orange. On top of that text and newspaper style clippings. It was beautifully put together and very well written.

It was the fact that they were real life sporting dramas that got me. You can’t beat it. Honest. Try it.

It has moved with me wherever I have roamed and is very tatty now.

I still love it dearly though and went to find it this morning in order to sample some text from it for this blog.

I couldn’t locate it.


Then I remembered. I had told my son about it some months back. He wanted a look and asked could he borrow it.

He left for Australia 6 months ago.

Fortunately, The Book was still in his room.

I did have a moment or two of profound sadness whilst looking for it though. A big Phew!

To conclude I want to show you a few snaps of the book and then quote a small passage from it.

Front Cover

inside cover

Arsenal opening

There were only two entries in the book about my beloved Man City. This was my favourite.


The last photo shows the Celtic  goalkeeper John Thompson diving at the feet of Rangers forward Sam English from a game played in 1931.


Here is a passage from the text accompanying the picture.

It was a typical Rangers raid, and when the ball was sent in front of Fleming that redoubtable Celt, Peter McGonagle, raced to challenge. Fleming dodged him and, seeing Sam English uncovered in the middle, pushed a pass through and ahead for English to run onto. That was the fateful moment.

Sam English, a fair crinkly-haired Irishman was new to the Rangers team. There had been doubts about playing him because of injury and only a late fitness test freed him for a match he was always to regret. With only Thompson to beat a Rangers goal seemed certain at last.

There was the ball running in front of him, ahead was the exposed goal and behind it the mass of Rangers supporters were cheering him on. John Thompson, a lithe figure in a red jersey, saw the threat and glided out in that athletic way of his. He was balanced and watchful, trying to anticipate English’s attempt to score.

On came Sam English, nearing the penalty spot with the ball running perfectly for a shot. It was then that John Thompson made his move. He dived forward, his body parallel to the ground as Sam English’s leg drove into the ball. There was a clash and both fell to the ground. The ball passed Thompson’s right hand post. He had made another great save but it was to be his last and he was to know nothing of it.

The story goes on to tell how John Thompson was killed in that very moment by a depressed fracture to the skull. He was 23 years old and at the peak of his game. Some say he was on his way to becoming the greatest keeper of all time.

It still gets me that passage and whilst it is about a tragic subject, it, amongst all the many things I have ever read, is still one of the most powerful yet poignant pieces of writing. Maybe because in it I sense the respect that the writer has/had for the young footballer. He goes on, this unknown writer, no credit anywhere to be found in the book, to describe the scene with such gentle honesty as to bring tears to your eyes.

Words can do that. That’s why I love them so.

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