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Lillian here, your host today for dVerse Tuesday Poetics.

I’m wondering how many bridges you’ve crossed in your lifetime? Come bridge with me. Create a poem that uses the word bridge in anyway you choose.

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Funny you should ask. I’m a bridge builder you know? Seriously. But no wood, nor steel, nor brick, nor stone do I use in their construction. No rivers of water or roads of tarmac do they cross, no jungle ravine, no city skyline. These bridges are built from deep listening, from connection, from the sound of skin on skin. One beat at a time. Yours. Mine. All of us. Together. Sound that has traveled since time began reverberates in our space as we pound out the rhythms. We meet eye to eye and heart to heart and we sing a song of our ancient souls as we bridge the gaps. The ones that matter. The ones that keep us on the other side from each other. This is a kind of bridge I have built all of my life. It was aptly named.

Planting a deep seed

many many moons ago

rhythmbridge was birthed

~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~

*Rhythmbridge is the name of my company since 1999 and the primary work that I do here on Planet Earth. Here’s a little groove I wrote and recorded for your listening pleasure.

Paul's Rhythm Journey, Scribbles

Rhythm Heals Part 2


My ERS training in Kuala Lumpur is complete and so now I am free to attend other workshops leading up to the conference in Port Dixon and beyond.

A multitude of choices.

A sumptuous feast of rhythmical proportions.

I was about to get my fill.

Djembe, my first love in the drum world. A facilitation of love and nurturing by a gentle soul who allowed all of us to be. A group birthed and blessed all at once. Seeds sown that would reap beauty.

A time to see how Rhythm2Recovery would impact upon my own practice. A whole new paradigm opened up. Zombies in the drum circle!!! Rhythm waves. Emotional content. Safe space to be. Levels and layers of complexity. Deep stuff. All put together by a man of real integrity. A mountain of a program which I will endeavor to scale sometime. Somehow.

The conference called, as it had done before.  Awaiting me was another version of myself. One I had not discovered yet. This was a dance with emergence. Weaving of threads as a platform for doing nothing. The lesson here was to step back. Facilitate from the place of no facilitation.

I didn’t know I was heading there until the moment it emerged.

It all began with the truth. I could tell you my version but here is another view.

Perhaps it was his incredible vulnerability

his opening confession
and awareness of the power spot
he occupied
at the closing spot of the conference
or the way he explained
how to bow
to the group
and his mindfulness practice
that drew me in
into myself
allowing me to be a participant
in his well held space (@C.Stevens)
What emerged here was breathtaking for me. Another layer on the onion of affirmation. Self affirmation. There was a beauty in every moment and all I had to do was step back and it came into being. For the most part I sat and watched as a musical symphony arose from the silence and began a journey that played with my soul. I didn’t play. I didn’t want anything I did to be construed as facilitation. I just sat.
Such a breakthrough.
Do No Thing.

The conference was complete.

Three more rhythmical journey’s to undertake.

Health Rhythms came unfolding my new found understanding of stepping back. A protocol full of magic and which flowed in such a beautiful way delivered by a face from the past. A dance that had space and room for flow. Subtle yet powerful. More magic found it’s way into my world. Connections deepened.

The Arthurian was back. My Mentor, friend and long time collaborator in trouble making. This was another stepping back. For us both. For different reasons. Once again I was touched by the depth and the sincerity of this man and his mission. A powerful transition point. Watch this space.

The Doctor brought proceedings to a close. With skill and subtlety. With care and a smile. With a heart as big as the ocean. The Doctor brought us into a place of co-creation and collectivism. Moving as one. One rhythm. One heart. One Love.

We were complete. This was a journey. An amazing journey. I am once more Blessed by my life and my friends in the world of Rhythm.

Thank You with All of My Heart to John J Hagedorn, Terry and The Girls, Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Alison Surridge, Simon Faulkner, The presentation team from Port Dixon, Doh RayMee Music, Remo, All the workshop participants, Conference attendees,Christine Stevens, Arthur Hull and The Doctor, Jane Bentley.

Rhythm Family

Healing Now in the Circle

I am Emerging

Haiku, Paul's Rhythm Journey

Rhythm Heals: Part 1

I have just written a BLOG over at Rhythmbridge about my recent trip to Malaysia for a conference entitled Rhythm Heals. Check it out. It’s a good read 😉

Here at ‘Scribbles’ I am more inclined to prose and poetry so I will endeavour to capture the essence of my experience in another form.


The heat wraps me in it’s sweaty embrace as I land once more in the  home of the Orang Asli  I am returned again. Street vendor cooking smells float heavy on the air and the colour and texture of this vibrant city mirrors the diversity of it’s inhabitants.

I breathe deeply and am at once at peace here.

Hot but at peace.

The Nepali doorman at my hotel calls me ‘Boss’ as he holds open the door and I nod an acknowledgement and mouth a Thank You towards him as I pass through. It will be a daily dance. The same happens at the lift door. It makes me smile. Along with the two receptionists and the breakfast staff there are 6 people employed in this ground floor space. All full of smiles.

I’m here to drum. To tell tales. To experience transformation. If only I knew what lay in store.

My own program is a day or two away and so I chill, hang with my buddy John and his family and walk the streets of Brickfields or Little India as it is known locally.


It is hot and humid as I stroll around, walking much slower than my normal pace.

Almost mindful.

I am taken by this kaleidoscopic landscape in front of me.

Photographers heaven.

The contrast between the traditional and the modern rises up on every corner.I pass a happy few hours looking through a lens at the world in front of me.



Time passes. I sleep. I eat.

Training day is upon me. I am as always a little nervous, apprehensive. Am I ready? Have I prepared enough? Why did I use that razor? ( I have two deep cuts on my chin and don’t think I look ‘professional enough!!))

This is my third time. It has been an evolution so far. What awaits me now? One of my strengths, I am learning, is to get out of my own way and allow what might emerge to do so. This training is a platform for that. I open the day with an introductory exercise and I watch as a group begins to emerge. I notice what is present and I adjust my schedule, my plans ( cough),  to suit their needs and allow them to explore  the ideas present in the word EXPRESSIVE.


“Well begun is half done” my meditation teacher used to say. So true. The day unfolds like a gently unfurling flower and we move effortlessly into our exploration of RHYTHM and I am once again amazed by this process. It meets the needs of the group and mine too as if it were planned this way. We are co creators. Stories await. It is pure flow. Magical.


Day two follows the same pathway, tumbling like a waterfall over the rocks of our being and dancing a story into our hearts. We are moving as one now. Expressive, entrained, rhythmical and full of emergent STORIES. We fly together like a murmur.

It is beautiful to behold.


As we come to our closing I am filled with a warmth that comes from a profound sense of completion.

A training has been birthed here this two days.

It feels right.

It feels good.


by leaning backward

it will all fall into place

i have done no thing

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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Paul's Rhythm Journey

At the Heart of the Matter

Haibun Thinking

This week I have gone with a ‘Quote Prompt’ late in the week and an apology to all group members for not getting round to reading your entries…crazy busy week about to get even busier…I may be Awol for a few days but will try and get round all the work at some point.

Today you are you!

That is truer than true!

There is no one alive who is you-er than you! ~ Dr Seuss


I am standing at the edge of a drum circle of 60 people. I have just completed an orchestration sequence, following on from the instructions of my Mentor and Teacher, and brought the session to a close.”Bring us to a close using orchestration with an emotive context and content” He had said. In other words leave them feeling complete, fulfilled, enlivened and connected to one another. Oh and do it with finesse because this is your Certification celebration. Show us what you got Paul. The silence was enormously affirming. As were the mile wide smiles. Mine was the biggest. Working in service of the circle is who I am. It is my core. My unwavering ever-present eternal self. It’s what I am here to do and I do it in the knowledge that connections are deepened and life is affirmed. Always. Moments like this are few and far between, when the deepest knowing is present. When everything in the universe is as it should be.

Did I choose this path/

or did it choose me somehow/

The answer  is YES /


Why become a VMC Certified Facilitator?

DCF Certified Facilitator Logo

Village Music Circles (VMC) has pioneered the field of professional Drum Circle Facilitation (DCF). The Village Music Circles’ Facilitation Training is internationally recognized as the defining standard for DCF training excellence. VMC Certification is created to provide a standard that is identifiable, achievable and measurable by which a DCF can be evaluated.

Certification provides a standard of recognition for individuals who have participated in the VMC leadership trainings. Certified Drum Circle Facilitators will have achieved a high standard of facilitation skills and VMC core community building values into their DCF practice.

Through achievement of certification, Drum Circle Facilitators will gain international recognition for meeting standards of excellence in facilitation skills, leadership and community building.

To be eligible for VMC Certification, Facilitators must complete:

  • One week-long VMC Basic Intensive Training
  • One VMC Mentors Experience (advanced leadership training)
  • Evaluation process: self-assessment and peer-review over 12 months practice
  • Certification evaluation by arrangement at any Facilitator Training
  • Complete 4 essays

Facilitators certified by VMC will receive the following:

  • A VMC Certified logo for professional use
  • Listing on the VMC website
  • Professional references from VMC upon request
  • Potential for selection for facilitating VMC events

Paul's Rhythm Journey

Where’s the one?

Ligo Haibun Challenge~ Quote Week

Here are the two choices presented this week.

‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.’
Lao Tzu
‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.’
Lao Tzu

The groove was strong. Late night drumming. No rules here. No leader. Twelve people in rhythmical harmony, dialoguing and improvising. Dancing hands. It sounded like a rolling wave. It felt like we were connected by a set of  invisible threads which combined to fashion a kind of star shaped cosmos between us. Our own temporal universe. A worm hole through which all things, not just us drummers, were connected. We sat on this ever evolving groove for hours. No one trying to lead, to control or to dictate. All ears open. Connection.Deep and real. Then it happened. We arrived. Together. Instantaneously. Not knowing how. At that place. Silence. No one could explain what had just happened. How we had just stopped on the same beat! No one cared. We just knew. We were there.

rhythmical journey

universal vibration

to stop on the one


Paul's Rhythm Journey

Drum Circle Spirit

‘This is my story’ said the man whose father lay dying. ‘This is my heart’ he said as we found our own. Deep beneath the surface we searched for our truest self. Experiences, values and purpose combined to open the way. When we were, who we are, what we may be! Sitting with vulnerability allows me to see you. New you. New me. Connected. Open our arms and embrace the group. Catching them before they even know they have fallen.Zen Hugs.Community. Come Into Unity. Smile and cry, laugh and sob…look deep into the heart of us. We are dancers in the spirit of the drum, drummers surfing the wave of the dance.Spiraling upwards and outwards, downwards and inwards. The DNA of rhythm embedded in our being. Rhythmical Bliss abounds. We are one beat. The Heart Beat. It must be Love. Love. Love.


a learning process

bring it on



Daily Prompt: Impossibility

by michelle w. on March 18, 2013

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

Firstly, I don’t do a great deal of thinking before breakfast. Most of my active thinking time is when most folk are asleep.I’m definitely  a night owl, and so I am most likely to have my White Queen moments then, although technically the middle of the night is before breakfast, so who knows?

I believe that we can walk through walls. So should you. It can actually happen. At a quantum level that is. So in my world of overly simplistic sub atomic particle understanding, if an atom can do it, so can I.

We can also be  Invisible 

We are capable of Levitation

I believe we can fly.

In the woods close to where I live I believe there is a Hedgehog drumming band.

I think of all the most impossible things  I think of, the most impossible and the one I want to believe is possible more than anything else is of a World living together in Peace. No war. No hunger. No problems. Imagine!

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