dVerse, Paul's Rhythm Journey, Poetry

keep the faith


Here we dance upon our leaf tossed floor

Northern beech

full of soul

no chalk required here

twisting our bodies to the rhythms of the Earth

on green moss covered creepers

flailing curly dreadlocks in our wake

ancient gnarly faces lit with full wide grins

we are up and at it in the early hours

love for the music of life flows

indeed it does


submission for Kim’s Autumnal Poetics prompt at dVerse

notes: the movement in the image brought to mind the Northern Soul scene, a particular song, and memories of the dancefloor craze that swept across Northern England in the 1970’s.

Here’s the song by Frank Wilson referenced in the poem’s closing line and a video of the kind of dancing you might see at Wigan casino in it’s pomp.


dVerse, Haibun

after the deluge

I sat in the grove of this October beech cathedral, my heart bursting with autumnal spirit-song. Sometimes nature just does that too me. Around me stood those giants, old, gentle and wise. They had seen it all and yet even they were in awe of the river. Millions of tiny droplets leaping from stone to stone in a game of flow, fueled by a recent deluge.

Clean crisp air, with a whisper of Winter notes, brought to my senses the smell of earth. The smell of the river, whose journey reflects the nature of things. Every moment I stare into it’s movement is new and fresh. The only constant is change. What appears to be there is not. I am still. The beech too. The river is flowing.

journey unfolds us

destination springs from this~

winter will follow


dVerse, Poetry


nobody’s eyes fell here on this text, so nobody knew deep inside

that this poem was all about nobody, till somebody probably did

somebody knew about everything, till nobody knew that he died

so was it somebody or nobody, that lay under coffin’s dark lid

the question it seems that is out there, is who here remains who is hid

everyone’s someone or no one, i think that in time you will see

that everyone answers the call of their number, and so in time ceases to be

submission to dVerse¬†for the Rhyme Royal. This has a diddly-diddly meter ūüėČ

dVerse, Poetry

stitched in 9

word ordered flow landing

specific to being it there here


we whilst flew window outward

back and away in then time now


echoes of nothing connected not-ness

not connection in the space but there


do you bone the feel of that barrel

begin your end and time your stopping


together stitching things not (things never were)


A second submission for the dVerse Grammar prompt.




dVerse, Poetry

isn’t is

lines full of word had all want

gone in their space for nothing


no-word for no-one through slips

given was lost in the found songful


silent hope fought in the ground


wisp o’er the willing or seeming

not enough up hell to go down


heaven fell climbing among stares

word angels incomprehensible spelling


bees their being parked en route


doing your does or not doing doesn’t

see in your could or not seen couldn’t


being your you or not being your be

all of this and not more of the none


where the isn’t is and the is isn’t live


This is a submission for dVerse where I am hosting this evening. Please come along and share a poem.






dVerse, Haibun

Hoar’s whisperer

Hoar Frost, West Yorkshire.

The world is new this morning as my breath blows small clouds into being. They form briefly then disappear into the thin cold air. Such cloud making is a deep life affirmation. Nothing quite like seeing your own breath. Days like this tingle you alive.

The trees are glistening with early sun dancing on the hoar frosted branches. Crystals winking magic at me. It is a wonderland and I am awestruck by it’s beauty. I am aware of the blessing of life. The privilege I am gifted. I breathe in, deeply and smile.

breath in and breath out

winter’s silent rhythm sounds~

frozen in the now


submission for dVerse Haibun Prompt Shimo no koe~ first frost