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a Japanese moment

It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse tonight and we are prompted by Toni Spencer to write a free for all Haibun. Here’s how she set up the challenge.

That being said, today is a Free For All…meaning, you pick the subject upon which you wish to write.  There are rules of course – (1) The haibun must be non-fiction (2) The occurance must have actually happened to you (3) You are to write one to two tight paragraphs and (4) End it with a season based haiku.

So here goes.

The photo is by me and taken on the walk described below. A Gallery of pictures from the walk  can be seen here

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The drive to Broughton gave me an inkling as to what we may encounter on our walk. The fells were covered with a fresh dusting of pure white snow and the sun was beginning it’s descent into the Western sky. I parked the van and my companion Adam, a quiet and thoughtful young man from Hungary, and I, began our walk. We climbed away from the main path, the John Buchan Way, and headed for a higher vantage point with a view westwards. In the presence of this silent fellow, I became aware of the heaviness of my own breathing. Deep snow and falling temperatures made the final part of our ascent all the more difficult but the reward was a view that was pure Winter. Tinto Hill, a distinct feature of this landscape, was now cloaked in mist and snow covered and looked somehow to have been transported from another continent. It was breathtaking.

Japanese winter

echoing the words of Basho

here on Scottish fell

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Room to grow

5 weeks ago I alighted upon a field in the southern uplands of Scotland in Lanarkshire.

I have since then spent my time making tipi lodge poles, doing construction and deconstruction (nothing is wasted here). I have tiled floors and walls and slowly over the time I can stand back and see what I am helping to create. We hosted a wee music gathering and a conference to add Music to the ongoing curriculum here.

It is all hugely satisfying. I am happy.

I have also drummed a few times with visiting groups here at Wiston and each time the connections made have been strong. Workpaths are opening up here all the time. I am forging a new life here for myself and one that at the moment is without Mrs Scribbles, at least in the physical sense. We talk a lot and as a result of recent chats I am currently sat in her house typing this after a wonderful weekend visit. Our relationship is transforming. Into what we do not know. Soon I will board a train and head North again to what now feels like home. My home.

There is no question we are deeply connected and that will always be true. Mrs Scribbles has some time and space for her own personal quest now and I for mine. In between we can find time to dance together.


As separations go this is a powerful one. Yesterday we walked these familiar hills and saw a sight that said more in an instant than we could in a lifetime.

Two or one

As Metaphors go we thought it was a cracker. It made us both smile.

So I will journey North to be where I must and though I will miss her I will go with a deep knowing that each of us is holding the space for the other to grow into in the trust that all will be well….whatever it looks like.

But first I will avail myself of the benefits of civilisation and grab a good cup of coffee before I depart. 😉


New Beginnings

Here I am in Scotland. South Lanarkshire to be precise.

In a Bell Tent.

In a field.

On my own.

Aside from the community at Wiston Lodge that is, where I volunteer my time 4 days a week in return for wonderful meals 3 times a day. The company is good here and I am enjoying the space. The freedom from ‘work’ which as you know I love but has put me through the ringer this year. Good news on that front though. I have bookings from early October through till April 2014. Work is looking up.

The Banks are happy and so I can take out this block of time for me. Mrs Scribbles is doing the same, for less time, elsewhere before she returns to work in September. I will be here until the early October work calls me southwards.

I may muse here from time to time…I am hoping to keep a journal of some kind. My very own ‘Walden’.

This is my temporary home for two months.
Bell Tent

This is what I have been doing this week. Any guesses?
Draw Blade

My morning view to the left.
Megs Tree

My morning view to the right.

The woodland close by.

See you All soon.

Luv n Peas
The Scribbler x