The challenge set by Kim is to write a poem about a garden. It can be a real garden (yours or someone else’s), a fantasy garden, a fictional garden, such as The Secret Garden, the garden of live flowers in Through the Looking Glass or the garden in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a biblical or historical garden, for example the Garden of Eden or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  All you have to do is take us there – and you don’t have to buy it!

I’m going with a Haibun because it suits my material.

***   ***   ***

Eight days we walked and talked across this Celtic land. We three. We three and a dog. Eight days we strolled for the Bees. Eight days in a Beeline. Eight days a week! A human beeline making an observation. Gardens did we  see a plenty. Herbs and botanical wonders, arboretum and wild flowers creating their own wilderness displays. Mosses and ferns and lichens in the gardens of life, wild and uninhibited you would think. But there is potential danger everywhere to the gardens and to the bees. To nature itself. Neonicotinoids and glyphosates. High yields. Pursuit of profits. Aggro-chemical company concerns. But are they concerned with what is true?

I want to stay here

with natures organic way

in johnny’s garden

***   ***   ***

Let’s Make Beeline was a charitable event involving a walk via a number of Bee friendly Gardens by a small group of folk ( Your Author included) and a Collie dog in the not too distant past.

You can read all about our adventures and see some lovely garden photos too at the  blog linked.


Feature Photo by Henry Diltz

Left to right: Peter Sellers, Johnny and Stephen Stills at Elstead in Surrey.





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