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borne on the wind


of a waft of butterfly wing


or wrenched


from the heart of loss



love’s crucible


is breath


or lack of it


Sanaa is prompting today at Real Toads offering up a poem by Carol Ann Duffy as inspiration. You can read the poem at the Toads link. The challenge is to write about love, using a common everyday image. Choose your own form or write in free verse

my second poem for day 19/30
the first is here and is a response to the napowrimo Creation Myth prompt.



Haiku, Love, NaPoWriMo2017, Real Toads

i’m so amazed

Kerry hosts the Tuesday platform at Real Toads today.

Greetings to all poets in this one month of the year dedicated to the art of poetry writing. I have been so inspired in the first 10 days, and I know that resolve may be flagging but taking a target-free approach has enabled me to enjoy the process without feeling pressured to keep a tally. I hope each person who is writing this month has a renewed sense of community thanks to the wonderful support of all those who have and will support our efforts in this space.

The Tuesday Platform sets no parameters for the poetry shared. You may want to share something written for earlier this week, a prompt you may have missed or wish to revisit or something from your archives. Anything goes.
However, in keeping with our prompt a day motto, I offer one small suggestion in the form of a question:

Has a song saved your life?*
Use a song as the inspiration for your poem, take your title from the lyrics or add a link a song that saved your life.
     ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

life’s golden thread line

dances our bless-ed being

four seasons of love

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

*There isn’t a song that saved my life but there is a woman who did that and still does. This song always makes me think of her and fills me to the brim.





napowrimo 11/30

dVerse, Love, Quadrille

love is a boat

Mish is tending bar tonight for our quadrille#30 prompt at dVerse. Here is what she has to offer.

The weather in my part of the woods has been very unpredictable. Winter coats one day, summer shorts the next. Welcome to my world of sun, rain and snow served with a side of drizzle.

I will share a bit of that with you today, giving you the word drizzle.

Use it as a noun, verb or be creative and get drizzly. Dabble in words about the weather, share a drizzle of your emotions or give us your best recipe drizzled in lemon icing or olive oil. The mood can be a drizzling of darkness or light. It’s up to you! Just remember your quadrille should be exactly 44 words in total not including the title and must include the word drizzle or a derivative of the word.

solitude’s silent sounding

lends quiet ears to proceedings

a gentle breeze rocks my being

into a still quiet form

as thoughts of life and of love

percolate like drizzle into the ocean

of us

rippling tiny waves of bliss

to guide this boat home

dVerse, Love, Poetry

blessed be

Our dVerse prompt tonight for Poetics comes from Mish

Today I am asking you to write a poem about one memento. You may use a souvenir from your travels, a photo, a keepsake from a special moment or event, perhaps a small token that is dear to your heart. Let it channel the emotion and significance that it holds for you. Give us a little piece of your past, a glimpse of who you are. If you find this perspective too personal, feel free to use a fictitious memento and/or voice.

photo by me of my then ‘wife to be’ on the beach at Portmeirion 1985


as the camera found you in that pose

sinking like a tai chi master

into the sandy earth

at one with it all

the shutter fired

echoing the last glow of the sun

light touched us both in that moment

and landed squarely on the film

love beckoned us

a universal wave

gently lapping at the shore

of our life to be

‘come in’ it said

all will be well

that evening as we lay together

doing the deep soul eye dance

and touching each other

with exquisite newness

and with such reverence

a door opened and a seed was planted

and we the gardeners of this bliss

we knew

that life was unfolding to another level

9 months on

garden provides harvest

then we two became three

now we are five

and you

you are still

the light in my life


dVerse, Poetry

Bathe me

img by me

Meet the bar night with Bjorn hosting tonight at dVerse. Expressionism is our theme.

So how should you go about writing as an expressionist?
Here are a few rules (that I’m glad if you break)

Focus on a strong emotion. Love, hate, anger. Layer the poem with thick brushstrokes.

Write the poem in first person (or if third person try to be inside the head of your protagonist)

Use strong and bold “colors”, and juxtapose them to create maximum effect. Put strong and opposite images against each other. Think of metaphors to express emotion.

Distort the perspective. In your poetry you can do this by for instance using flashbacks in time, or maybe even walking in and out of your persona.

Avoid to be bound by form, but don’t refrain from meter, rhymes and the normal poetic tools.


Bruise my lips with your bare knuckle kisses

Break my will beyond any repair

Bury me deep in the crucible of passion

Burn my paper thin defenses


Blinding formless void

Back to then now

Boyhood visions of minute immensity beckon me

Behind walls of mine i am enclosed


Bite my skin tenderly now NOW

Bring me into this present moment

Bind my heart to yours

Burst it joyously


Bathe me in you










Love, Poetry, Real Toads


img source

Fireblossom Friday at Real Toads, with a prompt to look beyond the obvious.


She stands before me

as so many times before she has done

and my heart it weeps

if I could describe her to you I would

but i fear cliche

i do not dare drape words on her perfect form

add anything other

to her

being just her

Would i hang a new flower on the ripening cherry blossom?

Drip an extra drop of water into the tumbling waters falling?

Pour new grains of sand onto the curve of paradise?


all i can do is to reach out and touch her

and then describe with all my senses alight

that sound of my soul

that seeing of the naked night

that touch of electric ripple

that taste of nectar

that smell of skin


that belonging


my spirit fingers make no contact

and she

a light breeze ignores


dVerse, Love, Poetry

The Dance of Love

It’s open link night hosted by the lovely Grace at dVerse who says,

Hi everyone! This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day.

I have been reading a book entitled ‘Perfect Love: Imperfect Relationships’ by John Welwood today and so it has no doubt influenced my writing here.

I have also challenged myself to write a new form, The English Madrigal, as inspired by Chaucer ( often called a Short English Madrigal).

It is:

  • a poem in 13 lines, a tercet, quatrain and sixain in that order.
  • metered, iambic pentameter
  • rhymed with refrain, rhythm scheme AB1B2 ab AB1 abbAB1B2 (Caps are repeated lines)

Hope you like it.

*********         *********

another year gone in loves ensemble
another year older brings soul and grace
meeting my self in this dance of embrace

silent voice niggles in this crucible
enemy inside that calls to my face
another day passes in loves ensemble
another year older brings soul and grace

sensitive souls beginning to tremble
let our defenses fall out of the way
bring it all in to the dance anyway
another year won in loves ensemble
another year older brings soul and grace
meeting ourselves in this dance of embrace

*********         *********