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The Road

Tis Poetics night at the Bar tonight and Bryan has set us a wonderful challenge.

“Today I would like you to “cover” a poem by a poet whom you admire. Honestly, I don’t know what this might look like, therefore this prompt is fairly open to interpretation.”

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Here is my attempt at a cover of Mary Oliver’s, The Journey

Photo: Maria Savenko. Creative Commons BY-SA (cropped).

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It dawned upon you then

that you must act and you did move

despite the nagging voices

calling you to take no such risk

though the world about you began to tumble down

and gnawing doubt whispered

‘stay safe, stay here with us’

you moved anyway


though the wind bit hard and cold

and your footsteps were heavy

and those voices pulled you back

into safe discomfort

‘The day is passed

There is no time

The wild night builds a barrier to your path

Go back’

But step after precious step

you walked

and they did not

the night sky revealed itself

and you remembered

with clarity

who you were

and heard just that one voice

and as you strode deeper and deeper

into the new dawn

passion burned within

and doing the only thing you could do

saving the only life you could save

was all there was left

***   ***   ***

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Happily Ever After

Daily Prompt: Happily ever after

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

How do we define happiness?

Pema Chodron suggests, “But in working with this (happiness), one of the ways of phrasing this that seems to be more digestible for people is to think of happiness in a very profound sense of May I fulfill my potential—during this lifetime, from now until I die, may the days of my life add up to waking up and fulfilling my potential, actually connecting with the deep and rich potential that I have, and wishing that for other people as well”

At the root of everything is basic goodness, a Buddhist view that each of us is fundamentally awake and compassionate, yet we tend to look at ourselves from a place of badness, explains Pema. We spend our lives in self-doubt and confusion, attempting to be perfect and get it right. But life is about being open to whatever might arise, including feelings of uneasiness as well as feelings of contentment and peace.

Rather than asking “How can I get out of this?” ask “How can I stay in this moment of discomfort and begin to soften?” It is in that moment of softening that you will find your open heart, teaches Pema Chödrön. Everyone has the longing to feel the open heart, because it is a deep happiness that can never be taken away.

So happiness in that context is a worthwhile goal for me,unlike the ‘Happily Ever After’ ideal which  is a Fairy Tale-esque concept suggesting waltzing of into an endless sunset free of troubles. Life can be hard and yet if we seek to be still and present and to accept what life brings us with gratitude, then a deeper contentment, a word I prefer to happiness, can be developed.

A sense that life is what it is and we should endeavour to find contentment in all it’s facets and not just somewhere over the rainbow.

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