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keep the faith


Here we dance upon our leaf tossed floor

Northern beech

full of soul

no chalk required here

twisting our bodies to the rhythms of the Earth

on green moss covered creepers

flailing curly dreadlocks in our wake

ancient gnarly faces lit with full wide grins

we are up and at it in the early hours

love for the music of life flows

indeed it does


submission for Kim’s Autumnal Poetics prompt at dVerse

notes: the movement in the image brought to mind the Northern Soul scene, a particular song, and memories of the dancefloor craze that swept across Northern England in the 1970’s.

Here’s the song by Frank Wilson referenced in the poem’s closing line and a video of the kind of dancing you might see at Wigan casino in it’s pomp.


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sapphire so good

submission for Poetics at dVerse. We are given a Birthstone to write into our poem by Lil.


september’s arrival

pluto’s parabloa


heightens intuition

regarding evolution


So my poem is of course an Acrostic of (Sapphire) and this poem is based on a quick search for the Astrology of my Birth date 19/09/1963. I found something rather interesting about the Pluto in Virgo generation.

Here is a snippet or, if you prefer, the Full Article.

“One of the most interesting aspects to note in our current reality is that, for many of us, the awakening experience is about becoming aware and understanding the connection we have not just to nature but to the cosmos. This can be understood through common words and concepts like oneness,  unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, and love consciousness. The Pluto in Virgo Generation (1957-1972) is reflecting to us in different ways the process of aligning our whole selves with that  inner knowing of connectedness. Through their own personal stories, the Pluto in Virgo generation will show us the way back home.”

No pressure then!!!!

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magic turns

Tonight I am hosting Poetics at dVerse and calling for a little Magic. Here is one I made earlier and forgot about but had scheduled and now it just posted itself, as if by Magic 😉


spiral poem

……………..and just in case you can’t stand on your head and twist or turn your pc/mac 360 degrees 😉


ssshhhhhhhhhh…there’s magic afoot~

be still~

be quiet as a mouse~

do you hear that birdsong bursting morning bright?~

do you see all the colours drop from autumnal skies with saucer wide eyes?~

do you listen to the joy of children’s play and smile a remembrance?~

do you watch the sun set spill fire over a still ocean?~

do you camp under canvas by fire’s smoke under the billions of stars?~

do you dance wildly and naked in the desert rain?~

do you see the Eagle fly over the mountain?~

do you hear the river singing?~

do the trees whisper to you, poems of old?~

do you see the light dapple as if for the very first time?~

does the lone stag in morning’s mist take your breath away?~

does the whisper of the ancient one remind you that there is only now?~

does the magic find you?~




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strange fruits

“Well it’s a marvelous night for a moon-dance”~ Van Morrison

It’s time for a morsel of Magic over at dVerse tonight with yours truly hosting. Come visit and conjure up some enchantment of your own.


maybe we’ll close eyes and wish

for another day in paradise winking starlight-

let that gorgeousness come rain upon our

mirrored visage, inspired by light falling so

achingly here – to kiss, caress and captivate.

we sirens, cavorting in moon-dust are wanton –

conspiratorially seducing these fruits with delicate lust.

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a lit oration

Tonight is Poetics night at dVerse and I will be hosting with the theme of Magic. Why not pop along and sprinkle a little faerie dust of your own into our poetry community.

Birth brings bright brilliant bedazzlement bouncing boldly

like legs lilting laconic laments, lounge-laced

in iridescent iris infused infiltrations illuminating

serendipitous sanctimony, seemingly superfluous splendor-seduction,

sending sympathy’s surprise seeking sanctuary, suggesting some

elevated egalitarian escape, enhanced energetic easing

dire disturbances dancing deliciously down dell, daring

mice, men, myths- make mad marvelous mood magic

and anticipate anything aggravating, aching and altogether

necessary nay nuanced, needing nocturnal necromancy.

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Hello fine poets! This is Mish behind the bar serving up today’s Poetics. Grab a chair. Do you hear the music in the air? I’m taking requests.Today for Poetics, I am asking you to choose some lyrics, preferably one line from a favorite song and grow your own poem from it. You are not limited to the original theme of the song. Instead, forge your own poetic path. Be serious or silly. Just be sure to highlight the line(s), giving credit to the song and artist.

These things you keep

you better throw them away

nothing is yours to own

not the land

not the sky

not your dreams

not your love

not your thinking


ash goes to ash

clay begets clay

your life

it is but a blink

in the eye of the universe

dust you are

those things you keep

you better throw them away


“These things you keep, you better throw them away” Mike Scott, Waterboys.

For those interested in exploring the concept of impermanence further, this is an educational article.