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konnakol (the sound of)

Tonight’s Quadrille challenge at dVerse offered by Victoria is to write a 44 word poem including the word Sound.

This is a poem built from phrases I learned during a Konnakol workshop.


that thom kitta tha’ka

daka dari kitta tha’ka

that thom kitta tha’ka


tha’ka juna thari kitta

thatta thikka kitta juna

tha’ka juna thari kitta


thom kitta that thom kitta tha’ka

thakka dari kitta tha’ka

thom kitta that thom kitta tha’ka

thakka dari kitta thom


Konnakol (also spelled Konokol, Konakkol) (Tamil: கொன்னக்கோல்) is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in South Indian music, the Carnatic music (South Indian classical) performance art of vocal percussion. Konnakol is the spoken component of solkattu, which refers to a combination of konnakol syllables spoken while simultaneously counting the tala (meter) with the hand.[1]
The term ‘Indian Scat’ used in the video below is not correct but the performance is a fantastic example of Konnakol in action.
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It’s OLN at dVerse and I’m throwing a new form ( for me) into the ring this evening – the Eintou. The poem is 7 lines long, with a syllable count of 2-4-6-8-6-4-2.

It’s origins are credited to early African American poets!



to t(h)e s(ound) of


the d(rum)beat of my he/art

r (hy) th (m) co (n) necting me to the

so (ur) ce of all t (hing) s that ar (e)

pu (shh) ing me to

fin(d) _ _ (p)eas


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All along the linky ;)

Bjorn is hosting Meeting the Bar over at dVerse and his prompt is this little beauty

“Today your challenge is easy. Write a poem based on Bob Dylan. It can be personal, it can be based on his lyrics (remember to give credit in that case) or it even can be why you think that he’s a lousy poet or singer, maybe you can tie it to politics… The choice is yours.”

So mine is based on Dylan’s ‘All long The Watchtower’ but the Jimi Hendrix version.

Here’s my suggestion. Press play on the you tube video of Hendrix below and read my poem with the music as background.

Of course Jimi’s words are there but if you just switch awareness slightly…well…try it and see.


“There must be some kind way out of this” said the scribbler to the chief ( Bjorn)

“There’s to much collusion,  I can’t make this to brief”

All these writers, they take my lines, come and take my verse

All were level of one mind, and putting out there this word

“We want you to get inspired” the chief he finally spoke

“There are many here among us, just making poems as bespoke

But-we-all-here have made a choice, and poems we will make

So-Mr-Scrib-bler, we im-plore, this-choice will you take.”

All along the Linky-thing, poets kept the view, While everybody came and went, you know I mean YOU

Here-now in this one instance,  a scribbler did growl

The poem-was unfolding, and the crowd begin to howl.


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Rhythm Heals: Part 1

I have just written a BLOG over at Rhythmbridge about my recent trip to Malaysia for a conference entitled Rhythm Heals. Check it out. It’s a good read 😉

Here at ‘Scribbles’ I am more inclined to prose and poetry so I will endeavour to capture the essence of my experience in another form.


The heat wraps me in it’s sweaty embrace as I land once more in the  home of the Orang Asli  I am returned again. Street vendor cooking smells float heavy on the air and the colour and texture of this vibrant city mirrors the diversity of it’s inhabitants.

I breathe deeply and am at once at peace here.

Hot but at peace.

The Nepali doorman at my hotel calls me ‘Boss’ as he holds open the door and I nod an acknowledgement and mouth a Thank You towards him as I pass through. It will be a daily dance. The same happens at the lift door. It makes me smile. Along with the two receptionists and the breakfast staff there are 6 people employed in this ground floor space. All full of smiles.

I’m here to drum. To tell tales. To experience transformation. If only I knew what lay in store.

My own program is a day or two away and so I chill, hang with my buddy John and his family and walk the streets of Brickfields or Little India as it is known locally.


It is hot and humid as I stroll around, walking much slower than my normal pace.

Almost mindful.

I am taken by this kaleidoscopic landscape in front of me.

Photographers heaven.

The contrast between the traditional and the modern rises up on every corner.I pass a happy few hours looking through a lens at the world in front of me.



Time passes. I sleep. I eat.

Training day is upon me. I am as always a little nervous, apprehensive. Am I ready? Have I prepared enough? Why did I use that razor? ( I have two deep cuts on my chin and don’t think I look ‘professional enough!!))

This is my third time. It has been an evolution so far. What awaits me now? One of my strengths, I am learning, is to get out of my own way and allow what might emerge to do so. This training is a platform for that. I open the day with an introductory exercise and I watch as a group begins to emerge. I notice what is present and I adjust my schedule, my plans ( cough),  to suit their needs and allow them to explore  the ideas present in the word EXPRESSIVE.


“Well begun is half done” my meditation teacher used to say. So true. The day unfolds like a gently unfurling flower and we move effortlessly into our exploration of RHYTHM and I am once again amazed by this process. It meets the needs of the group and mine too as if it were planned this way. We are co creators. Stories await. It is pure flow. Magical.


Day two follows the same pathway, tumbling like a waterfall over the rocks of our being and dancing a story into our hearts. We are moving as one now. Expressive, entrained, rhythmical and full of emergent STORIES. We fly together like a murmur.

It is beautiful to behold.


As we come to our closing I am filled with a warmth that comes from a profound sense of completion.

A training has been birthed here this two days.

It feels right.

It feels good.


by leaning backward

it will all fall into place

i have done no thing

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

Līgo Haibun Challenge Word Prompt

 Sitar OR Didgeridoo


 A sturdy branch of Eucalyptus, pulled from the tree. Live with termites. Loosened with a stick. I take a long deep breath and blow hard. Termites sent heavenward to become stars of  light. I name them.Yidaki, ngarrriralkpwina, yiraka, rirtakki, wuyimba, artawirr, garnbak, dijibolu, kurmur, ngaribi, bambu, martba, paampu illpirra. They will shine for all time, beacons of a language and culture, like so many others before it, plundered and misrepresented.

Twinkle  Twinkle Star

Never wonder who you are

not just didgeri

Img courtesy~ https://larswallin.nu/2011/07/26/didjeridu-didgeridoo/

Paul's Rhythm Journey

Where’s the one?

Ligo Haibun Challenge~ Quote Week

Here are the two choices presented this week.

‘If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.’
Lao Tzu
‘Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.’
Lao Tzu

The groove was strong. Late night drumming. No rules here. No leader. Twelve people in rhythmical harmony, dialoguing and improvising. Dancing hands. It sounded like a rolling wave. It felt like we were connected by a set of  invisible threads which combined to fashion a kind of star shaped cosmos between us. Our own temporal universe. A worm hole through which all things, not just us drummers, were connected. We sat on this ever evolving groove for hours. No one trying to lead, to control or to dictate. All ears open. Connection.Deep and real. Then it happened. We arrived. Together. Instantaneously. Not knowing how. At that place. Silence. No one could explain what had just happened. How we had just stopped on the same beat! No one cared. We just knew. We were there.

rhythmical journey

universal vibration

to stop on the one


Paul's Rhythm Journey

Finding the w(hole)

Weekly Haibun Challenge ~ image

All I see here is layers and immediately it made me think of an exercise I completed recently as part of a Drum Circle Facilitator’s Training.

I have done the exercise many times and this time, as with every time, I had a new experience. This is my attempt to put that into words.

I have attempted to insert a minighazel as well as a Haiku into this piece as we have been given licence to do so with this weeks prompt.

With thanks to Arthur Hull for the exercise.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

I stand very slowly and with care. With each inch I rise, my hearing adjusts. Twenty two drummers sitting close together in a circle and me, the twenty third. I walk slowly and mindfully towards the centre, listening with every step to the changing sound-scape around me. I turn and face the hole I have left behind.

Using every part of me to do the seeing /
I allow this rhythm to fill up my being /

In this moment all I have is the sound of the /
drum guide me to that place deep within it's being //

I close my eyes and listen once more. Deeper than before. Slowly I begin to turn, eyes firmly shut, ears wide open. Round and round I go. Where I stop! Listening for the hole. Listening to the whole.For the whole. Opening my eyes I see. That which I was looking for, is not visible to the eye.

Is it a truth / 
 hidden deep within layers /
or just an onion //