whisky-in-the-jar creaks dreams open wide breathing whisper-spiced breezy peppered-bliss bubble-kicking shimmer-dance twists, flickers and grins springing cue-scarred dawn-rosy spilling ghost giggles skipping still leaves spark-drizzled fear storms free hope melts shadow-clouds curling balloon sounds echoing scarred-green journey’s to lull                                    … Continue reading Homew(o)rd


creak jarred dreams wide open breathe whispers dance bubble spiced shimmering breezes let's twist grinning ghost-giggles cue spring's dawn flickering still hope drizzle peppered fears storming skip-free melt shadows clouding spilled bliss curled balloon sounds spark echoes scarring green leaves on journey's rosy lull   submission for Quadrille#43 at dVerse

lost spice

hope dreams balloon-bubbles dancing breeze-free giggling still-grinning shimmers   fear flickers open shadows curling whispered scars jarring dawn's risen ghosts   cue journey's lull   breathe   echoes sound storm's spark spring skipped (clouded)   leaving bliss-melted spills pepper-twisting drizzled soul   drowning in the green searching for their lost spice    

flickering echoes

Victoria is very happy to see you this lovely Monday at dVerse where this week we will be sharing the fun and challenging Quadrille. We live in anxious times. On a global scale there is international conflict and instability, terrorist threats, political divisiveness and uncertainty, identity threat and climate change. We are polarized and fear one … Continue reading flickering echoes