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After two weeks of outdoors work, Greenwood work, to be more precise we now have a Tipi Camp at Wiston. This is a real achievement for the whole team and something everyone is rightly proud of. Now we are ready for groups to come in and use it on a regular basis. Young lives are about to be transformed.

Mitakuye Oyasin



New Beginnings

Here I am in Scotland. South Lanarkshire to be precise.

In a Bell Tent.

In a field.

On my own.

Aside from the community at Wiston Lodge that is, where I volunteer my time 4 days a week in return for wonderful meals 3 times a day. The company is good here and I am enjoying the space. The freedom from ‘work’ which as you know I love but has put me through the ringer this year. Good news on that front though. I have bookings from early October through till April 2014. Work is looking up.

The Banks are happy and so I can take out this block of time for me. Mrs Scribbles is doing the same, for less time, elsewhere before she returns to work in September. I will be here until the early October work calls me southwards.

I may muse here from time to time…I am hoping to keep a journal of some kind. My very own ‘Walden’.

This is my temporary home for two months.
Bell Tent

This is what I have been doing this week. Any guesses?
Draw Blade

My morning view to the left.
Megs Tree

My morning view to the right.

The woodland close by.

See you All soon.

Luv n Peas
The Scribbler x


Away, away.

It has been too long dear blog reader…much is transpiring and has transpired in the world of the Scribbler…Bankruptcy was avoided and now a deal is about to be struck with my creditors that will tie me up to a relatively small monthly commitment for the next 5 years. I have no idea if I can make my business work/survive for that long but I will be giving it all of my attention. Right now there is work and I am endeavoring to outlay a little less and try to actually save a tad…a brave new world for this confirmed lifelong spendthrift…we shall see where this ends.

On a more personal note it appears that another long term area of stability is crumbling. Mr and Mrs Scribbles are to be no more after a dance of some 30 years. It is with deep sadness that I report this but I have to also add it is not the first time that our deeply independent attitudes have led us to walk separate roads…In the past they always led back to each other and so it is with uncertainty that we walk away in opposite directions, knowing that only in this moment, is it the right thing to do.

For now we co-habit and make do. Some days are good, some not so. Soon my working contracts will end and I will head North to Scotland to live in a teepee for the next few months…to be still…and to find my own  centre once more…beyond that I have a drum circle training to run, also in Scotland and then a growing desire to go and walk the Camino

Where I will be geographically and emotionally come the end of this year is open to the four winds.

May they blow me into a place of peace.