Poetry, Real Toads


here is the





straight from the



afore we



might you

tune yourself



to a place

where there’s



free of media’s



a place of the



a place filled

with the soul


of the matter

at hand


let breath take you



on a flight from



from the fake and the



from the cult of the



to the peace that’s



to the travelers



where the weary the



can retreat from the


world which it has to be said is creating darkling illusions in my head at times

and with the meter and the rhyme that i don’t wish to pen anymore with any kind of linear timescape which itself is a fake notch on a cosmic bedpost pointing us towards oblivion that must come if we believe

the noose

that they choose

to impose

on our will


and our senses across fences that stand for all that is inhuman and bigoted and fucked up

and mind you listen


mind you well


they will deliver this your way if you have eyes open to it and a heart with no questions

no conscience


no way

to take the time

to be still


and to remember



and so


to the peace of it

which exists in perpetuity


that essential choice

that conversation with the muse

that place that is a home to the poet’s

every twitch and vein pump of ink

that absolute call from beyond

proclaiming this


i cannot be moved

i cannot fall

under your mortal spell

i will write

i will witness

i will have my say

speak my truth

and in that

i will reach out

to that community

which holds dear such freedom

which upholds the voice of us



which will rise

to meet what it must

because these twins must dance

the news is this


we are many


The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Share the Love
by michelle w. on April 5, 2013

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

I am a new blogger and to be honest there is only one Blog that I can honestly say has been an inspiration to me in the short time I have been here.

Step Forward The Daily Post here at WordPress.WordPress

As a new blogger I am still finding my way around the place and The Daily Post has given me a great platform to do this. It prompts me to write and also allows me instant access to a host of other writers trying the same thing. It is through the DP that I have found followers and have also found bloggers to follow. It is as I said too early for me to ascribe the tag of ‘Inspirational’ to any of those but there are most definitely bogs I like and am finding myself drawn too.

I am all too aware that there is a huge wild and untamed bloggerverse out there for me to yet discover. Writers who need no prompts or choose to work without them. Novelists of every genre. Political commentary. Surrealism. Avant Garde.

You name it, it will be out there.

My general take on things is to go with the flow and so I allow the breeze that blows here in WordPress, to gently nudge me here and there.

As I blog on two fronts, one photographic and one written I will offer up a short list of bloggers I am currently drawn too and suspect I will remain connected to.

In Photography these are my current regular ports of call. Click on the image to visit them.

Up first is Adrian at Cornwall Photography. Often stunning and always evocative images of a part of the world I love dearly.

Here below is the work of Karen McRae. Subtle and imbibed with a strong sense of her connection to nature, her work is very beautiful.

John Pickles lives and works in the English, Lake District. His love of the place is evident in his work and he gets extra bonus points for shooting film 😉

Other Blogs I have been drawn to in my short time here are as follows.

http://vastlycurious.com/  Sometimes your instincts just take you to a place where you feel a connection.

http://myatheistblog.wordpress.com/ Honest, forthright and very funny with it.

http://notsoprompt.wordpress.com/ A fellow Northerner, easy writing style and a variety of subject matter.

http://magpiecinema.wordpress.com/ Independent Cinema’s finest and a real life friend too.

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