Life in a cabin has caused less internet access and so less poetry here. I’m going to try a bit of catch up now with the dVerse Quadrille series, namely numbers #57 (Rain)  and #58 (Cobble)

Two poems here then. Enjoy


does the time know what is is

or that it cycles around us in never

decreasing circles

does it understand the tick and tock

does it stop to feel the air blowing

about it’s moustached ‘ten to ten’ face

or notice the dripping rainfall


if i were a cobble

i’d stand out

and trip you up

if i were a tree

my roots would

stick their legs out

just to make sure

you were paying


if i were a human

i’d love you until

stone became sand








2 thoughts on “Quadrilles

  1. kim881 says:

    The quadrilles are great when read separately and they can be read together – I see and hear cobbles in the rain!
    I love how the rain doesn’t appear until the end of the first quadrille, which has us looking at the clock and its moustached ‘ten to ten’ face – what a wonderful image! I also love the cheekiness of the Scribbles cobble waiting to trip me up! And what a gorgeous ending!

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